Updated: 11 Sep 2022


Hanoi to Sapa: Adventure Journey- How to go in 2022+2023

From Hanoi to Sapa, you can choose the following ways

Sapa Limousine Transfer: 22 USD/person/one way.

Departure: Hanoi to Sapa: 07.00 AM

Sapa to Hanoi: 14.30

We highly recommend to take Limousine Transfer, Much more comfortable with only small group, maximum 9 guests. Should pay more to get 4 middle seats. Limousine can pick you up at hotels in Old quarter and drop off at your hotel in Sapa town. If you stay in ecolodge or homestay in villages, SMALL extra fee will be applied/.

Hanoi to Sapa Limousine

Sapa Sleeping bus: 11 USD/person/one way. Cheap but you need to go to bus station for check in.

There is no pick up at hotel or drop off at hotel in Sapa.

Departure: Morning 06.30 AM or Evening 22.00

If you go overnight from Hanoi to Sapa, there are some other options

Hanoi to Sapa Sleeping Bus

Sapa Overnight train: A classical way to go from Hanoi to Sapa. It is 4 berth cabin, if you want to take a private cabin, pay 4 tickets and can fold up 2 upper beds,

so you will use only 2 lower beds. Please note: Sapa train is not daily departures. Currently they operate as below:

Hanoi to Sapa ( Friday only)

Departure at 22.00 at Hanoi train station.

Arrival at 06.00 at Lao Cai train station.

If you want to go for Sapa, take taxi or reserve the private car with around 25 USD extra.

  • Sapa Overnight Train: 25 USD/person/share 1bed/One way.

Sapa Train From Hanoi

Hanoi to Sapa by Modern Cabin Bus: The newest way to go for Sapa, Comfortable sleeping cabin.

  • Sapa Cabin Bus: 20 USD/1 person/Single cabin/ Second deck: More comfortable. But not good for old guests. Need to hike up.
  • Sapa Cabin bus: 40 USD/Double cabin for 2 guests/ First deck: Same size. So it is small for 2 guests.
  • Sapa Cabin bus: 35 USD/ 1 person/ Single Cabin/ FIRST DECK: More comfortable.

Sapa Cabin Bus from Hanoi

Private Transfer from Hanoi to Sapa: You can go anytime, can pick up from airport directly.

  • Private 4 seat car: 200 USD/one way. Maximum 3 guests
  • Private 7 seat car: 250 USD/one way. Maximum 4 guests with small luggages.
  • Private minivan 16 seats: 300 USD/one way. Maximum 10 guests with luggage.
  • Private limousine 9 seats: 350 USD/one way. Maxim 9 guests but we advise to go 7 guests.
  • Private limousine 17 seats: 450 YSD/one way. Maximum 17 guests with luggage
  • Private express bus 35 seats: 400 USD/one way. Should go at 25 guests. But full capacity 35 guests is OK.
  • Private express bus 45 seats: 480 USD/one way. Should go at 35 guests. But full capacity 45 guests is OK.

  Private transfer Hanoi to Sapa